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How to Book a Fancy Number for Your Bike in 2023: A Step-by-Step Guide

Owning a bike with a fancy number can add a unique touch to your ride. If you’re looking to get a fancy number for your bike in 2023, follow these steps to secure a distinctive registration number:

1. Check Availability and Rules

  • Visit your state’s transport department website or office to check the availability of fancy numbers. Understand the rules, regulations, and any additional fees associated with fancy number booking.

2. Choose Your Number

  • Browse through the available fancy numbers on the official website or at the transport office. Select a number that resonates with you and is available for registration.

3. Fill the Application Form

  • Obtain the application form for the fancy number from the transport department office or download it from the official website. Fill in the required details accurately.

4. Submit Necessary Documents

  • Gather the necessary documents, including your bike’s registration certificate (RC), identity proof, address proof, and proof of vehicle insurance. Ensure all documents are valid and up to date.

5. Pay the Fees

  • Pay the prescribed fees for the fancy number reservation as per the guidelines provided by the transport department. Fees may vary based on the number’s popularity and the state’s regulations.

6. Submit the Application

  • Submit the filled application form along with the required documents and payment receipt to the designated authority at the transport office.

7. Wait for Confirmation

  • After submitting the application, wait for confirmation from the transport department regarding the availability and approval of the chosen fancy number. This may take a few days or weeks, depending on the process in your state.

8. Collect Your Fancy Number

  • Once your fancy number application is approved, visit the transport office within the stipulated time frame to collect the registration certificate with your allocated fancy number.

9. Affix the Number Plate

  • Upon receiving the fancy number, affix the number plate to your bike as per the regulations specified by the transport department to ensure compliance.


Booking a fancy number for your bike involves following the guidelines and procedures set by the state’s transport department. By carefully completing the required formalities and submitting the necessary documents, you can add a personalized touch to your bike’s registration number.


  1. Can I choose any number as a fancy number for my bike?
  • Fancy numbers are often pre-decided by the transport department and made available for selection based on availability and specific guidelines.
  1. Are there additional charges for fancy numbers?
  • Yes, there might be additional charges or a premium fee associated with booking a fancy number, depending on its popularity or uniqueness.
  1. Can I transfer a fancy number from one vehicle to another?
  • Rules regarding the transfer of fancy numbers from one vehicle to another vary by state. Check with the transport department for specific guidelines.
  1. What happens if my chosen fancy number is not available?
  • In such cases, you may need to choose an alternative available fancy number from the options provided by the transport department.
  1. Are fancy numbers permanent for the bike?
  • Yes, once allocated and registered, the fancy number becomes the permanent registration number for your bike.

Following these steps can streamline the process of booking a fancy number for your bike, adding a touch of uniqueness to your ride in 2023.

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